Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Babies are masters of the world's consonants and vowels

"I so pwn u." —Baby
Think you're a good language learning? You ain't got nothing on a baby. From LiveScience:
At a few days old, infants can pick out their native tongue from a foreign one.
They can't even see clearly across a room, and they're already figuring languages out.

"Big deal," you say? You can recognize your own language easily? Well, how about this one?
Infants can recognize the consonants and vowels of all languages on Earth, and they can hear the difference between foreign language sounds that elude most adults.
That's right. All languages on Earth. Those weird D variations in Hindu. If you're Japanese, Ls and Rs. If you're Hunanese, Ls and Ns. Run into a pronunciation you just can't get? It's so easy a baby could do it. So no more excuses from you.

Well, except that your mind works a little different from a baby's, so you might want to take a tactic that's slightly different from lying around cooing and crying.

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