Monday, May 21, 2012

How to export Learning with Texts terms to Anki (the even easier way)

This how-to is for Anki 1. For how to do this with Anki 2, click here.

Getting Learning with Texts (as implemented on Fluent in 3 Months) to play nicely with Anki can seem a little daunting. But at the end of the day, it's not quite as hard as it would seem, and I've put together some step-by-step instructions to prove it.

I've broken the process down into:

  • 5 steps to export from LWT;
  • 5 steps to set up Anki for fill-in-the-blank reviews or, alternatively, 10 steps to set up Anki for recognition reviews (whichever you choose, you'll only need to do this once); and
  • 4 steps to import into Anki.
The whole process shouldn't take more than 10 minutes for the first import, and probably won't take more than 5 minutes for any subsequent imports.