Sunday, May 9, 2010

Product review policy

If you page around this site for a little bit, you'll see that reviews of language-learning tools are some of the bread-and-butter posts on this site. Thus far, all reviews have been done without being requested by the companies behind the products (although in some cases the companies notified me of the product via email, probably with the hope that they'd get a review or some other publicity). However, I recently received a free copy of language-learning software to review, and Grammarly might be hooking me up with something similar, so I thought it best that I lay out my product review policy.

Although not complicated, here it is.
This is a blog about language learning, so we (meaning me and any other contributors to this site) only review things that could be of interest to language learners.

We won't do any paid reviews.

We will accept relevant products or services for the purposes of a review. If we do accept any such products, the fact such products or services were provided for free will be clearly stated in the review. Acceptance of a product or service is not a guarantee that a review will actually be done.

Under no circumstance is there ever any guarantee of a favorable review. The opinions expressed in the reviews on this site are entirely our own. We do not guarantee hypertext links, anchor texts, homepage coverage, or any anything else.

We retain all rights to any review we write. You may use short quotes from our reviews for promotional purposes, provided that you attribute such quotes to Street-Smart Language Learning™ and link to the original review. For any other use, you'll need our prior consent.
If anyone has any suggestions as to how to improve this policy, please drop a line in the comments below.

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