Monday, May 17, 2010

What good grammar checkers are out there for foreign languages?

I just did a review of Grammarly, a grammar checker for English. In the comments on that post, for French, Damian recommended BonPatron (short texts are free, and the pro version is €9.99) and Antidote ($69).

Milena asked for suggestions in Spanish and Russian in another comment on that post. I've never made much use of grammar checkers, but, as I noted in my review of Grammarly, they could be quite useful. Accordingly, I'd like to broaden Milena's request: do you know of any other good grammar checkers in any language (including English)? If so, please drop a line in the comments!


  1. There used to be (late 1990s) a Windows program out there called 除錯大師 that was excellent at catching wrong characters in Chinese writing (based on a database of collocations, I think). I don't know what happened to its later development, though; I haven't seen it around lately. The latest reference I've seen for it is 1999 although I haven't searched extensively.

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