Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What is it with clicking on pictures and language learning?

It just dawned on me today that there's a good handful of language-learning tools out there where clicking on pictures is an important part of the learning method. For example:(And if you know of any others, drop a line in the comments below.)

This seems to be a pretty common method. Is everyone just playing follow-the-leader (i.e., following Rosetta Stone), or is there actually some science to back up all this fervent picture clicking?


  1. Hi,
    I bought the my-language course a few months ago. It was really worth it. Ok, it was just pictures... but now they've added video clips as well. It's not a complicated way of learning a language, and yes, after a time it gets a bit tedious, however for the money ($50) and its effectiveness, my girlfriend still laughs at my accent, but is impresssed with my vocabulary, and i think thats what counts! I'm also trying arder, now I have a few words that i can put together. I should say, it's Spanish that I'm learning, and we're moving out to Valencia in 3 months time! So wish me luck!

  2. I've got Rocket Spanish and love it. Have tried Rosetta Stone in the past too and agree with your point about clicking pictures.