Tuesday, August 11, 2009

thatwhichmatter: Advanced English grammar via Twitter

If you're learning English (as some of us native speakers still are), thatwhichmatter on Twitter (via Lifehacker via Daring Fireball) is full of bite-sized nuggets of English wisdom. While aimed at native speakers, I'm guessing if native speakers are screwing things up, so are the non-native learners, so get your advanced-English cap on and dive in.

ThatWhichMatter Delivers Grammar Tips in Tweets [Lifehacker]
ThatWhichMatter, a Splendid Twitter Feed on Grammar and Usage [Daring Fireball]


  1. While some individuals will be able to understand English grammar on their own, many discover they need a little more framework behind their research. Getting a brief course can be a excellent way to get some professional assistance from knowledgeable instructors and provides you the increase you need. 

  2. Spammy comment, but I'll bite. I think anyone can figure out grammar on their own, and here's how. One-on-one tutoring is generally a good thing, but I can't say the same about classes.

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