Monday, November 22, 2010

Chinese Christmas music

I may be jumping the gun a bit here this year, but if you've ever been in the market for Chinese Christmas songs, you've probably run across Sinosplice's collection that John put together a few years back here. I came across his mix today as a compromise solution when my wife wanted to listen to Christmas music and my daughter wanted to listen to Chinese music.

My daughter has become particularly fond of track 3, a Chinese rendition of Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and has been singing it all day (and listening to it all day, in the way that only kids can seem to listen to the same track over and over again). In any case, it's providing a good dose of Chinese exposure that she wouldn't otherwise be getting.

I did a precursory look around the internet for more Chinese Christmas songs, but wasn't able to turn up anything with ease, and I wasn't able to easily track down the lyrics either, so if anyone can turn up either more Chinese Christmas songs or the lyrics to the songs that John has up there, I'd love to hear from you.


  1. Have you tried typing some of the lyrics into google to see if anything came up? There are several lyrics websites out there, have you checked them ( is a big one)?

    Music is one of the best ways to learn a language, I'm personally quite fond of using music videos to do it and have even written up a blog post where I take one of Shakira's video's and break it down in great detail for everyone so you can see what I'm doing and learn some Spanish along with me (post is here if you're interested).


  2. I did that on my own, but came up empty handed. However, with a Chinese friend on hand, I did manage to find the song my daughter likes the most. Lyrics are now up here.

    I first got a Shakira album in Mexico in 1998 when a friend there took me out to buy a bunch of Spanish-language music. I also recall seeing her in an interview on Spanish TV where she said she was learning English. She seems to have taken care of that by now...