Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Get Chinese pinyin for any text

While I couldn't find the equivalent of Hiragana.jp for Chinese (i.e., letting you convert an entire website and then browse it), there are a few good converters that will take a block of text and convert them from Chinese characters to pinyin for you.

There are lots of them out there that simply do it character by character, but as context can affect the tones (e.g., whether the characters are part of a word or not), the best ones take this into consideration.

Here are a two of the better ones:

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  1. Hi Vincent, just came across your blog and am enjoying it - I'm really interested in language learning. One request: can you make your RSS feed full-text? Then I can read it in Google Reader rather than clicking through (I read about 100 blogs so it's not practical to click through looking for updates). Thanks!