Saturday, August 1, 2009

Livemocha stops supporting Safari

I haven't logged into Livemocha for a few weeks. When I did so today using Safari, I was greeted with this (click on the image to see a bigger version):

So I've got to use either Internet Explorer or Firefox. Despite Safari working fine up until now, it looks like something won't be working quite right if I continue using it.

Argh. I hope this is another of what I would like to believe are temporary growing pains. Let's hope they start growing out of their growing pains, rather than introducing new ones like this.


  1. It might be because the founder used to work for Microsoft. OUCH!

    I heard about another free language learning site coming up

    I think they will launch soon but if you sign up before you become a VIP member. Doesn't hurt to try.

  2. Jeez, I hope it's not that. Rosetta Stone took years to come around to Mac users, and I'd hate to see a popular start-up make it more of a pain for Mac users to use their products. sounds very interesting. Based on their website and their Facebook page, it sounds like they'll be taking Livemocha head on. I've already signed up for the "VIP list", and I'm curious to see what tricks they might have up their sleeves...

  3. P.S. Thanks for the head's up on I've got a post all for them here.