Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Language-learning linkwrap 2/17/09

On the Spot - Vincent of Street-Smart Language Learning: Yours truly was interviewed as part of Aspiring Polyglot's "On the Spot" interview series with language learners.

Sound patterns boost language learning - study: What would otherwise seem to be useless gibberish actually helps you learn a language.

开心宝贝_欢语 (in Chinese): If you're looking for music and stories for your kids in Chinese, this is the place to go, complete with links to lots of MP3s.

Take an eduFire Classe for Charity: While this isn't exactly a language-learning effort seeking to benefit the public good (see my earlier post Pro bono language teaching), it is education for the public good.

Different language learning methods serve various needs: Does RosettaStone have the best PR people ever, or is it just me? In an article noting how great immersion is, Rosetta Stone gets a nice blurb but no one notes how far it is from immersion. And don't even get me started on what Mark Frobose, author and founder of Macmillan Audio's foreign language audio line, says: audio CDs or downloads are "the single best way to learn a language". Seriously? So next time you have a choice between immersing yourself in a foreign country and listening to some CDs, go with the CDs! Riiiight.

Early Launch for Language: Money quote: "Children learn inductively, by example and by interacting with the environment around them, and adults tend to learn analytically and deductively." They treat this as a conclusion, but it's really just an observation. Ponder.

Learn how not to trip over foreign tongues: An article listing out numerous language-learning methods. Your mileage may vary.

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  1. 'Does RosettaStone have the best PR people ever, or is it just me?'

    It's not just you. I'm not an expert, but for me, RosettaStone is one of the weakest ways to learn a foreign language. I only came to this realisation after spending a ton of money.