Friday, November 4, 2011

Livemocha to give away its premium content to contributing users

So there seems to have been a lot of change over at Livemocha since I reviewed their site. In addition to a new logo, the biggest change is that some of their content isn't free any more. I suppose the Livemocha team has to put food on the table as well, so I can't say that change is all that shocking.

What is kind of cool is that they're offering that content for free to people who contribute to the site. Because I seem to have made a lot of good corrections while playing around with Livemocha, I recently got an email from them to become an "Apprentice Expert Reviewer". All I need to do is send in a resume! (Lol?)

The email, after the jump.

How would you like to earn access to premium content for your contributions?

You’re what we like to call a “language vigilante”. You’re in the top ranks in terms of Mochapoints, teacher score and % helpful. You enjoy helping others, and we’d like to give you the creative freedom to help out in even more interesting ways.

So, basically, I'm like Batman for language learning? Sweet…
Do you enjoy encouraging and inspiring others? Are you able to explain language rules in simplistic, clear ways? Are you creative and detail-oriented? Do you believe in teaching real language – language as it is spoken by people, not textbooks? Do you embrace the evolution of language?

If you answered yes to all of the above, we invite you to apply to become an Apprentice Livemocha Expert. As part of this special force, you’ll earn free access to our premium coursework by reviewing submissions. Later, you may also have the chance to try creating your own exercises.

Reviewing Submissions

As an Apprentice Expert Reviewer, you will provide students with thorough, encouraging feedback they can trust. You’ll give detailed audio and written tips to help them improve. Your reviews will be marked as Expert Reviews and we’ll provide ongoing feedback to help you build your reputation as one of our finest reviewers.


Please reply to this email with some information about yourself so we can get to know you (a resume and cover letter would be perfect!). Include links to a few writing and speaking reviews of which you’re proud as well.

We look forward to hearing from you!

So I'm still kind of giggling that they want my resume. Is me being licensed to practice law in New York state going to make me a better reviewer? Or do they think I'd actually make a whole new resume tailored to this?

Still, this seems like a pretty good way to handle one of the problems of user corrections—namely, that the quality can vary so much, and you're never really sure what you're getting.

Well, my interest is piqued, so guess I better pull together some kind of "resume" to check this out.


  1. It works great for me. Anyone with international business contacts or travel-minded folks should DEFINTELY give it a shot.

  2. Yes...I received this offer too, but I am an assistant! Do you think they will hire me? I could be Catwoman, or Poison Ivy!

  3. I guess you could be Catwoman in one of her good-guy stages!

  4. I'll refer you to my review of Livemocha for my thoughts generally, but it is great for finding native speakers, which is great for both the groups you mention above.

  5. The expression is "to pique one's interest".