Friday, December 24, 2010

How to say "Merry Christmas" in 10 languages

My daughter and I decided to tackle "Merry Christmas" in 8 languages (Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish) in this video:

The song you hear in the background is of course Feliz Navidad by José Feliciano, with lyrics in Spanish and English.

And because no one wants to learn how to say something from a non-native speaker, and because I needed two more languages to round out to 10 (the above plus Korean and Russian), I went ahead and got recordings from native speakers on RhinoSpike, which you'll find after the jump.

If you'd like to download any of the recordings, click on the linked text to get the MP3s from RhinoSpike.

1. Chinese: 圣诞快乐!

2. English: Merry Christmas!

3. French: Joyeux Noël!

4. German: Frohe Weihnachten!

5. Italian: Buon Natale!

6. Japanese: メリー・クリスマス!

7. Korean: 메리 크리스마스!

8. Portuguese: Feliz Natal!

9. Russian: С Рождеством Христовым!

10. Spanish: ¡Feliz navidad!

And, as a bonus, here's a recording of how you say it in Basque from juanan:

11. Basque: Gabon zoriontsuak!


  1. I've uploaded the Spanish version (using two entonations :-)
    Should you want the same message recorded in Basque (my other mother tongue) just ask for it!

    "Gabon zoriontsuak!" (= Basque translation of "Feliz navidad")

  2. Thanks so much for the recordings in Spanish! And how could I turn down an offer for another recording? I've added a request for a Basque recording here, and if you can find the time to record it, I'll add it to this post as well.

    Thanks again!

  3. This is awesome and your little girl is adorable! I hope you guys had a very merry Christmas!

    The Japanese version just sounds like English in a Japanese accent, but knowing Japanese I'm not too surprised as they do have a tendency to just take the English version of things they didn't originally have words for (like Christmas) and then pronounce them 'Japanese-style' :D